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5 Common Reasons You Have a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Clogged Kitchen Sink

If there is one place in the kitchen that is heavily utilized all day and around the year, it has to be your kitchen sink. For the process of cooking, washing veggies, cleaning utensils, and many other works, the kitchen sink is bought into use. Therefore if any issues arise in the kitchen sink then it becomes a matter of grave inconvenience. Many times people prefer to try and solve the issue on their own because most of the time you might find the problem fairly easy to solve. But then there are cases when you require the help of a technician to resolve the clogged sink issue. We at Manhattan sewer drain face a lot of cases of kitchen sink clogs in Manhattan, NY. We have the expertise to resolve all such issues with ultimate efficiency. Let us move further and understand the main causes behind the kitchen sink being clogged. What is the main reason that stands at the center of the issue?

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is the most common kitchen sink problem. It is mainly because people use it like a garbage can throwing or washing up almost anything. It is important to understand and look closely at what things you are disposing of down the drain. Let us see some examples of what you should never wash down your kitchen sink.

· Coffee grounds

· All sorts of fat oil and grease should be kept away

· Eggshells

· Animal bones

· Towels and napkins

Make your habit of disposing of all such items or similar items in the garbage can rather than disposing of them down the sink and 50 percent of your problem with a slow or clogged drain resolve automatically. Though it is always advised that if you have got a problem of a clogged drain in Manhattan NY or anywhere around, leaving the issue unresolved for too long can create more damage so quickly call the plumber to fix the issue.

Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet not only wastes a lot of water but also becomes a pretty irritating sight to behold. If you see a leaky faucet in your kitchen sink, make sure that the handle has been tightly closed. If the handle has become slightly loose over time, one can tighten it if you have got the right tools or a call to a plumber would quickly resolve the issue.

Low Water Pressure

Another pretty common issue is the low water pressure in sinks. A very basic problem behind this scenario is the dirt that gets accumulated in the head of the faucet. The easiest trick is to use the vinegar and rag to clean the head and the flow will improve considerably. If in case it remains slow then it is probably because the issue is with the water supply of your house. Call a residential plumber and get your pipes checked to resolve the issue.

Broken Garbage Disposal

If you are receiving a terrible smell from the area, it could be due to the broken garbage disposal. It is never advised to try to fix it yourself as people might try to put down their hand to fix the issue and it has got sharp blades underneath. So never try to fix it on your own. It is always a good idea to call the plumber instead and get it checked. He will closely access the situation and use the right tools to fix the issue.

Leaky Sink Pipes

Leaky sink pipes are a very common issue and can happen anytime. One must keep an eye on it because many times you won’t even realize such issues because they are under the sink. So it is better to check it once in a while and if you find a leak, don’t waste any time calling a plumber and getting the issue fixed.

We at Manhattan Sewer Drain have got a very experienced team that resolved a lot of cases of kitchen sink clogs in Manhattan, NY. We will be glad to help you with any such case.

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