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How to Unclog a Sink with Standing Water: 4 Easy Home Remedies

Unclog Sink

A clogged drain or sink in the home is not a pleasant situation ever. In most homes, this situation often encounters and gives adverse effects in form of polluted and dirty environment. The ignorance of standing water in the sink for a long will lead to other hazards like pipe leakage, bad odor, and structural damage of the sink. Hence, it is necessary to do the needful to soak the standing water in a sink or drain soon. For this, you may try some home remedies or casual plumbing options to get rid of the situation. If you are unable to manage plumbing works on your own, you should call the best drain cleaning contractors in Manhattan, NY. In the city, you will find many authorized plumbing service contractors who specialize in all kinds of plumbing works for residential and commercial properties.

Before you call any professional plumber, you can also try some standard DIY plumbing to handle clogged sink or drain issues. Here are four remedies you can try to get rid of the clogged sink at home:

1. Boiling Water Method

To clear standing water in the sink or drain, you can use the boiling water method. You need to boil water that rinses all wastes, grease, oil, and other un-dissolved wastes in the pipe. Boiling water will clear clogged pipe of sink or drain and allow water to drain soon. If you have PVC pipes in the sink, do not try with boiling water method, as it may melt pipes. Do take care of yourself while pouring boiled water in sink pipes that may crack or damage with hotness. For more details, you can consult professional plumbers in Manhattan, NY about this boiling water method.

2. Mixture of Vinegar and Soda

It is another vital method to rinse standing water in a sink or drain. You should prepare a mixture of vinegar and soda or pour them one by one in the clogged sink pipe. When baking soda and vinegar will combine, then it will react and make fumes. It means, the unclogging process has started and waste goes to loose in the pipe. After that, you need to wait 30 minutes till the whole waste goes down. Finally, you need to pour boiling water into the pipe to clear the whole waste again. You need to repeat the processing time and again to clear the sink pipe. For more home remedies, you can consult the clogged drain cleaning experts in Manhattan, NY as well.

3. Use Plunger

The most common method of plumbing at home is plumber treatment. You can use a standard plumber to clear standing water in a sink or drain. You should use a cup-shaped plunger that is easy to use with your hands. You need to use this plumbing tool right to get the intended result. If you find this method not effective, you may take the services of the best drain cleaning contractors in Manhattan, NY, and get the work done.

4. Drain Cleaning Chemicals

You can also try drain cleaning chemicals available in the market. But, it is necessary to choose drain cleaning chemicals made of organic materials or natural ingredients. So, it will not give any harmful impact on sink pipes.

Thus, above four standard DIY practices or home remedies to clear a clogged drain or sink pipes through the simple procedure at home. If you do not want to try any method at home, you should not take chance and call the best drain cleaning plumbers in Manhattan NY. For instance, you can contact “Manhattan Sewer Drain” in Manhattan and get rid of clogged drain soon. For more details, check the website

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