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Identifying Toilet Backup and How to Solve It

We often come across a lot of plumbing issues in our homes. No one can escape such issues because they will certainly appear at some point in time in absence of proper care and cleaning. The plumbing issues mainly consist of leaky pipes and faucets, clogging in drainage, water pressure being pretty low, running toilets, or water heating issues. But one of the most terrible situations is during a backed-up toilet. The problem is sickening because it creates a considerable mess and there is no quick solution to resolve the problem quickly. This happens mainly because there could be the varied reason for this situation to arise and the plumber will have to figure out the core issue at first before finding a solution for it. There are a lot of experienced plumbers in Manhattan NY who are available 24 by 7 and have considerable experience to tackle such issues with super ease. These plumbers usually face similar cases every other day so they don’t take too much time in figuring out the real issues. let us further check some of the most common causes of the backed-up toilet and what are the ways to fix them.

Drain Blockages

There could be many reasons behind the blockage in the drain. The most obvious cause is the toilet papers which go down the drain and keep collecting until they become too thick and start blocking the whole passage. It could also be due to other small objects that are either flushed down by mistake or are done purposely by the little kids. These objects will quickly block the whole passage and the toilet converts into a whole mess.

The best way to deal with this issue is to make use of a plunger which will help in removing all the unnecessary objects from the drain. The best way to tackle the newspaper is to move the plunger up and down repeatedly while pouring water so that the toilet paper breaks apart and comes off easily.

Tree Root Blockage

Experienced plumbers in Manhattan NY explain that tree root blockages are among the most recurring causes of blockage in the sewer line. Tree roots are known to tend to look for organic material which draws them towards the sewer line. An experienced plumber will be able to locate the roots disrupting the line and get it repaired.

Faulty Vents

If you are experiencing a gurgling sound from a shower drain or sink then it could be due to the blockage in the plumbing vent. This creates a vacuum as the air cannot pass into the drainage which stops the water flow. Also, the older building might not have a plumbing vent which could create further similar issues.

Septic Tank Issues

There could also be issues in the septic tank such as breakage in the ejection pump, failure in the leach field, or the lack of pumping. Such issues will result in terrible odors coming out of the toilet which will make it difficult to breathe and therefore requires an immediate fix. Manhattan Sewer Drain has some of the best plumbers in Manhattan, NY who are always ready to help you in any similar cases.

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