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Is Your Main Sewer Line in Trouble? 7 Warning Signs

There could be a lot of reasons which will give you an idea that there is a plumbing issue at your home. Whether it is strange noises coming out of the plumbing system, you are experiencing a terrible odor, or there are some strange issues with your pipes. All these issues can cause a big problem in the main sewer line. So it is always recommended that whenever you locate any such issue, don’t waste time and quickly call a plumber for help. Manhattan Sewer Drain provides one of the best services for a clogged drain in Manhattan NY and our team is always ready to rescue you from any similar situation.

clogged drain in Manhattan NY

Let us have a look at some of the obvious warning signs which should be given attention and addressed immediately.

• That Doesn’t Smell Good

If there is a terrible smell coming from the basement or your backyard, then there is surely a severe leak and you need to look after it quickly. This could certainly be because of the damaged sewer line and the expertise of a plumber will resolve the issue. Attempting to resolve it yourself is never advisable.

• Why Does The Toilet Keep Backing Up?

This is could be mainly because your toilet has been draining into the sewer lines. To resolve the issue, one would require a septic tank pumping. This issue requires a quick address, so do not waste any time calling service for a 24-hour plumber in Manhattan NY, and let them take over to resolve the issue.

• Why Is This Drain So Slow?

Slow draining of water in the washroom or your kitchen sink is a huge issue. If you have been facing this issue for some time now, it’s better to get your sewer line inspected by an experienced plumber, so he figured out the problem and could resolve the problem.

• Does Your Water Bill Keep Increasing?

If your water consumption has been stable like before but your bills keep increasing significantly, then there is certainly an issue. It could probably be a leakage in the sewage line that has been causing the issue. The leakage of water from someplace is the only right explanation and figuring out the place of leakage is the only way to restrict further damage.

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• There Is a Gurgling Sound Coming From The Pipes

If there is gurgling noise that you can listen to after flushing the toilets or if the same noise is coming from the pipes down under, then there is certainly an issue in the sewer line. The problem could be at a very initial stage and addressing it without wasting time might be helpful.

• The Grass Is Greener On One Side

If you ever notice that one side of your grass is greener than the other side, this could be due to an underground sewer leak. You might feel that it has done some good to your grass but solving the problem is important or it would escalate with time causing a major break at a later stage.

• The Pipes Keep Clogging Up

If the pipes around your house keep clogging up every other day, then there are surely some concerns to be addressed. Giving a call to Manhattan Sewer Drain which provides one of the best services for a clogged drain in Manhattan NY could be beneficial to address any of the above issues and resolve your plumbing woes.

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